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Here you can find the answers to questions which have been asked via our Google Form.

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Q: What is the expected completion date?

A: The new school itself is expected to be completed in late 2017, around November.  Following this, the final phase of the project will begin, this includes the demolition of the Poutama building and the removal of all our temporary buildings on the school field.  Finally, the field will be restored to it’s former glory and new play equipment will be installed.

Q:  Will the new school be completed in stages?

A:  Sort of.  The build team will construct the building in a particular order, but at any given time there may be different aspects of the build happening across the site.  They have estimated that on their busiest days, up to 120 contractors may be on site, working on the exterior and/or interior, as the build progresses.

Q:  Will students move into the new school in stages?

A:  No.  Our plan is to move the whole school at the same time.  We need to move out of the temporary school once the new buildings are ready, so that the relocatable classrooms can be removed.  Our teachers and students are already working collaboratively in their current spaces, preparing for the move.  You can read more about collaborative teaching on our links page.

Q: Will the new school have technology facilities?

A:  Yes.  The new school design includes specialist teaching facilities for hard-materials and food-technology.  The design also includes a purpose built green-room as well as multi-purpose spaces that could be used for music/dance/drama, wet areas on all levels for art and we can’t forget the amazing sports hall!

Q:  Will the new school go up to Year 13?

A:  No.  Our new school will cater for the same age students that we do now.  Years 0-8.

Q:  Will the new school have a pool?

A:  No.  Sorry!

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